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The space[edit]


What is a hackerspace?[edit]

Hackerspaces are community-operated physical places, where people can meet and work on their projects. Check Wikipedia

Do I need to be a member to visit the space?[edit]

No, everyone is welcome, but as a non member you need to make sure that you come, while others are here.

When would be the best time for me to come over and have a look?[edit]

This would be on Thursday-evening, also check our calendar for events that might interest you.

It's also a hang-out, you don't have to work when you're in the space, we also like to call it 'an extension of your living room'.

But aren't hackers dangerous?[edit]

No, please read the jargon file about that topic. How to become a Hacker by esr also has some good explanation, what kind of people you will meet here.

Who has keys?[edit]

All Members have a key.

Following the hackerspace[edit]

Check the Contact page for info on our mailing list, blog, irc, twitter, ...


See the dedicated Membership page for:

Decisions & Legal Stuff[edit]

How does the hackerspace work legally speaking?[edit]

We are a non-profit organisation (vzw), as founded by the statutes. However, the first rule of the hackerspace is: don't mention the statutes!

What gets decided and how does it work?[edit]

The decision making process is explained in the Hack the Hackerspace documentation.

In short: There is a bi-weekly meeting where stuff gets discussed. When deciding something, we strive for consensus. If an agreement cannot be reached about a topic in 30 minutes, majority vote (50% + 1) may decide.


So what do you guys do there anyway?[edit]

That depends on the current group, as there are no rules in a hackerspace, so everybody is free to work or do whatever he likes. The space is infrastructure that exists to bring like-minded people together. If you want to build something cool, but need help or find somebody to explore an undiscovered land with, this is the place to go.

We are doing workshops, hackathons and similar events, but nobody is forced to take part in any of these. You kind of get the idea, everybody is free to do what he wants, as long as she treats everybody and the space with respect.

Can I do $THING?[edit]

Yes, unless it will kill little puppies. To be clear, don't break the law, don't break things you don't own and don't endanger people or the space itself, for the rest, do what you feel like!

Will you help me with $THING?[edit]

Srsly if you have a cool project idea, try to find people interested in joining the project, but don't expect everybody to just jump on it. Everybody has only so much time to spent on cool stuff and people might be busy with other things already. So come over with cool ideas, share your knowledge with others and have a great time.

Is this like a startup incubator?[edit]

No, a hackerspace and esp. ours is and should be a non-profit organization. The idea is to explore things that you might be interested in, which can be anything from programming, robotics, hardware hacking, software, soldering etc., but we are not a company creating products.

Since you are free to build whatever you like in the space, you can of course build something and sell it, we do not hinder you. Use your time and energy for the things you care about, but please do not put the name of the hackerspace on your thing.

Can I give a workshop/talk?[edit]

Of course! That's one of the reasons we started this thing, so please do so! Even if you are not a member, come to us and tell us what you want to present/show/explore/teach, we will set something up.


Why is this all in English?[edit]

The very first people starting the space are all members of the Brussels Hackerspace, where English is the general language of choice, since everybody has to make a little bit of an effort to speak it and we exclude nobody. Brussels is obviously quite international and having everything in English attracts people that are interesting, but might not speak any of the official Belgian languages. This tradition is kept alive here, but don't be scared by that, almost all people speak something like Dutch in the space :-)

Do you have club-mate?[edit]

Of course!

I don't live in Gent, are there other spaces in Belgium?[edit]

Yes, check over here.