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web-based music manager for the space

Soundcontrol is a web-based music manager for the space made by Bloemist. It consists of a control panel and a player. Right now you can access the player with Kodi (Programs > Chrome Launcher > Soundcontrol).


At, you can search for music and browse trough the results. Clicking a song will add it to the playlist, where you can drag and drop to change the playing order. It is possible to play/pause, skip the current playing song, change the volume..

When the playlist is empty, the player plays random songs from its history.

Known Issues / Feature requests[edit]

  • If Kodi doesn't play audio, try turning it off and on again.
  • Search results don't show the duration (working on it, you can check duration by adding the song to the list)
  • Sometimes the player doesn't find the song duration and it can get stuck (temp. fix: F5)
  • people trying out the UI for the first time are filling up the db with coldplay (=top suggestion youtube). nooooo!
  • Let people add a playlist fast (partly done, people can search playlist-id's now (working on a faster solution))
  • If the internet is slow the player can do weird things, fix the internet!