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What is the benefit of becoming a member?[edit]

You get over 9000 kharma points for free. The main benefit is you get a key to the door so the space will always be open for you. You can get root access to all servers in the space. Also it's a ticket to the yearly general meeting. But most of all, you support the space and allow it to grow.

We have weekly meetings in the space on Thursday, everyone is free to have their say members and non-members alike.

How to become a member of the space[edit]

We've got a Pandora's box in the space, which contains blanc membership forms. Take one and enter your details there. If EOutOfForms, see the MembershipForm to find the necessary bits to make more instances.

When you filled in the form:

  • You'll need to find two sponsors, people which are already members, and willing co-sign your membership application form. If you are a regular person and are nice to other people, finding sponsors won't be an issue.
  • Attend a (the next?) meeting, notify you want to become member and hand over the form.
  • There is a waiting time of a month before your application can be accepted on a meeting. We encourage you to visit the space often e.g. on thursdays in this period. The one month waiting time helps us to get rid of people who sign the membership form and then never show up again.
  • After one month come to a (the next?) meeting on Thursday to have your application accepted.

Anybody can become a member, there are no special requirements. It helps though if you have been at the space before, and if you have met and talked to at least a few members.

After that, you'll get a key and you'll be an official member of 0x20. If you add your public key to your homepage, you'll also get server access.

Membership fees[edit]

Regular Membership[edit]

Regular Membership fee is €20, but you are always welcome to give more. This price is dynamic and can go down in the future.

Remember: You don't need to be a member to come to the space.

  • The membership fee needs to be paid before the 15th of each month. If you pay on 14th of February, you pay for the 15th of February till the 14th of March.
  • You start paying for the month you became member in. That means if you became member on 20th of February, you need to pay for the 15th of February till the 15th of March also. This might mean you pay a little bit more the first month you become member. If you became member on first of February, you get the first 15 days for free.

You can find the account that you need to wire your membership fee to on the Contactpage. You need to wire the money, you can't pay in cash (easier for 0x20 to do the bookkeeping).

Affordable Membership[edit]

If someone wants to be a member but does not have the funds to pay full membership every month, he can check with any one or more members about this, to work out an alternative amount proposal.

This then has to be presented (by a member, the prospective member or someone else) and accepted on the next meeting. If accepted, you can fill in the membership form and become member like anybody else. The alternative amount should be mentioned on the membership form (lest we not forget when the next financial guy takes over :-) ).

Also important:

  • you, or any other member needs to make sure the financial guy (our bookkeeper of the day) is informed about this (so he is able to see who did, and who didn't, pay his membership in full).
  • the actual amount never ends up on the meeting notes or anything else public online (privacy)

What will you do with the membership fee?[edit]

To cover all fixed costs we need around € 450/month. Our income comes from donations we get and membership fees.

We're working on a system to make the bookkeeping as transparent as possible for all members. Please get involved in making this happen. It's easy to bitch about money, but do it in a commission where you take responsibility. Our immediate financial goals are paying everything we owe people, and building a small war chest of 3 months costs. So we're covered if something goes wrong. Also, if this party is ever going to end, we don't want to stick the bill to the people turning off the lights.

We're a non-profit org, so if the end will ever come, we need to be able to pay everything, and all that's left will need to go to a foundation which has the same goals as ours. This will probably mean: another hackerspace.

I am a brand new a member, anything I have to do now?[edit]

Yes, please follow the instructions on the onboarding page.