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Friday 26/04
 general 26-04-2019 17:00 - 00:00 : Retro games, arcade, movie and music night

We'll set up some old consoles, arcades and have fun!

Saturday 27/04
 talk 27-04-2019 10:00 - 10:15 : Welcome!

An introduction to the Hackerspace and Newline!

Sunday 28/04
Time Unknown
 general xx:xx - xx:xx : 3D63 Live concert

Music producer for a decade, Andrea La Rosa (a.k.a 3D63) is a big fan of analog aesthetics and sci-fi universes. Composing with 30 years old Nintendo Gameboy, she can make those still dance hard like there's no (not dystopian) future and takes you to a journey into Cyberia, her own artistic universe.

 talk xx:xx - xx:xx : Between The Senses: Sound, Colour, and Synaesthesia

In this lecture Umut Eldem talks about synaesthesia, a rare brain condition that lets people see colours and shapes when they hear sounds and music. Looking at established composers and artists who have used their synaesthesia in their works, we will see how the phenomenon relates to the ways we combine sounds and colours, which electronic tools we can use to recreate it, and how we can make art from it.

 talk xx:xx - xx:xx : Building musical automats

The Logos Foundation is over 50 years active in combining the fields of music, art and technology. Its founder Godfried-Willem Raes will give a lecture on building musical automats. He'll bring the robot 2pi, a miniature organ, and talk about the development of this automated instrument.

 talk xx:xx - xx:xx : Art of the Algorithms

Ever witnessed a program doing something you couldn't believe was possible? Amazed by ShaderToy experiments or people misusing hardware bugs in computers from the 80s? Do you want to participate, but don't know where to start? This presentation gives a broad overview of the demoscene, both technically and socially, and gives a few pointers on where to start making demos yourself.

 workshop xx:xx - xx:xx : Making music with automats

The Logos Foundation is over 50 years active in combining the fields of music, art and technology. We'll bring the robot <2pi>, a miniature organ. People interested in working with the little organ, can join this workshop. Bring a laptop with your favorite DAW or other MIDI editor and optionally some sensors or other toys!

 talk xx:xx - xx:xx : Lishi Automotive Lock Picks

Lishi tools are used by locksmiths to gain entry to a car. There are various different types and models. This lecture tells you how they work and what is available.

 talk xx:xx - xx:xx : Lightning Talks & Powerpoint Karaoke

10m max, we'll be ruthless in enforcing the time limit this year.
- How chiptune helped me to be more creative (3D63)
- Astropolis: space science center in Ostend (Mike)
- whoever takes the stage (you?)

 workshop xx:xx - xx:xx : DNA extraction workshop & Genetics 101

~Don't let your genes be dreams!~ Using the power of good hard booze, pull the DNA from your very own cheek cells! All materials provided. Except your DNA, of course. That would be pretty weird.

 workshop xx:xx - xx:xx : "PONG" arcade game - solder your own!

Soldering workshop - make your own "PONG" clone! We'll assemble a kit based on the ATmega328 microcontroller and a few 3D-printed parts. The ATmega simulates the gameplay, and also generates a PAL video signal that you can view on your TV. At the end of the workshop, you should be able to play your own game on a TV. The kit includes both through-hole components, and SMD components.

 talk xx:xx - xx:xx : Wireless Belgium

 talk xx:xx - xx:xx : Debian packaging for absolute beginners

An introduction to making Debian packages, starting from just a tarball. We'll go over Debian policy, so that your packages fit into the rest of the system nicely, using debconf to configure your package at install time, and how to maintain your changes to an upstream source package

 workshop xx:xx - xx:xx : Making a PC 4K intro

This workshop introduces the basics on rendering graphics using a fragment-shader approach (GLSL), the basics of audio synthesis, and executable compression. The shader part will be coded live, and participants are encouraged to code along as well, using Bonzomatic. (Please install Bonzomatic before the workshop)

 workshop xx:xx - xx:xx : Sewing workshop for beginners

In this workshop we will be making Sasha. Sasha the cat has a soft snout, belly and stripes. She has velcro on both sides. If you loosen the velcro, the cat becomes a pillow. The tail is inspired by Kiwi's tail. You can make the cat in the color 'Black' or 'Summer'. No sewing experience required!

 talk xx:xx - xx:xx : Technologische Soevereiniteit 2 - Het Boek

This is a dutch 'promo'-talk to introduce the writings of the 'sobtec2'-book into the dutch language domain. Besides a short intro into the theme and the various resulting essays, we'll discuss experiences gathered during the translation process, the printing phase and of publishing an actual book.

 workshop xx:xx - xx:xx : Introduction to programming for absolute beginners with Python

We will cover the very basics to get started with programming and write a few programs together. If you have a laptop, please bring it with you. If you don't, then please let us know and we'll organise one for you.

 talk xx:xx - xx:xx : Home Assistant

Presenting our implementations of home assistant and related home automation stuff

 workshop xx:xx - xx:xx : OpenStreetMap on your phone: OsmAnd

Get out your (Android) phone, I'll show you around the most useful functions of the OsmAnd-app.

 talk xx:xx - xx:xx : OpenStreetMap: what is it and how do I contribute?

This talk gives a basic introduction on OpenStreetMap - a bit of history, comparison with other map providers, ... We end with a look into the data model and how you can contribute as well to add your favourite venues.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Price?

    Free! We do sell drinks.

  • Can I bring my own food?

    Yes, but we also provide snacks and warm meals (meat/vegetarian)

  • Where can I sleep?

    Send us a mail at and we'll tell you about some options (free/cheap/...)

  • Where is Newline and how do I get there?

    Location: our hackerspace, see the homepage for more information.
    Multiple busses and trams at walking distance.
    10 minutes walking from Ghent Dampoort train station.
    Parking: in the streets nearby, free after 19h and on Sundays.
    Look for the signs once you're at number 75.